Good Health is Freedom

We have to make choices every day. We can choose to eat healthy, follow good hygiene, take on activities to keep fit, and so on. These choices and decisions shape the lives we will lead in the future. If chosen wisely, it results in tremendous health. However, in the present day scenario, we have started neglecting our health more than often. The urge to succeed financially in life has started taking a toll on our well-being. We have forgotten that wealth is meaningless without good health. Nanz Comfort offers a range of products to keep your well-being on track and gives you the freedom to be healthy!

Not only that, you get several other Freedoms with Nanz:

Freedom from diseases!

Nanz gives you the freedom from diseases with its wide range of products curated specially to cater to all your health needs.

Freedom from Germs

The 2-in-1 Action Sanitizer helps kill 99.9% of germs along with keeping the hands moisturized.

Freedom from Bad Mouth Odour

Oromust Mouthwash is your go-to solution to bad breaths, while also protecting your mouth from plaque and bacteria.

Freedom from Itchy Scalp

Bid adieu to all your scalp problems with the Nanz Ketonol solution. Its powerful formulation helps fight dandruff and relieves the scalp of itching.

Freedom from Dry Lips

Infused with Lanolin, Salicylic Acid, and White petroleum jelly, Nanz Moisto-Lip Jelly provides fast relief by instantly moisturizing the dry and chapped lips.

Freedom from Mosquito Bites

The Repelito Mosquito Repellent Cream offers a unique formulation that acts as a shield, protecting your skin against mosquito bites.

Freedom from Skin Infection

Using Clotrex Dusting Powder can help your skin get rid of fungal skin infections.

Freedom from Sore Throat

Povinanz Gargle helps treat viral infections. When your freedom is a priority, your health will follow! 

Freedom from Mites

Scab-N-Lice Cream offers a powerful formulation that helps clean your head of lice and prevents itchiness, so you don’t go around scratching. 

So this Freedom month, choose to good health, choose Nanz!