Installed Capacity


Paonta Sahib is located about 300 km from Delhi by National Highway No. 72 and by Rail Network, the nearest Railway station i.e. Dehradun is about 45.0 Km. Nanz unit is located at Village-Rampur Ghat, Paonta Sahib (H.P.). Bus Station is located about 4.5 km away from the Factory. National Highway No. 72 is about 15.0 km away from the site. Nanz is located on a plot measuring approximately 5000sq. feet.

The site is situated on the banks of river Yamuna and surrounded by agricultural land from all sides and linked to Paonta-Rampur Ghat road at its north end. The production facility is located in the Lush green belt and in a clean environment away from polluting industries. The surrounding atmosphere is free from dust & smoke.

The factory outlay section-wise as follows:

Name of AreaCovered Area (approx.)
Production Block (Ground Floor and First Floor)33,00 sq. mt.
Administrative Block (Ground Floor and First Floor respectively)Adjoining to Production Block
Utility (Service Floor and in Ground Floor)1200 sq. ft. & 1500 sq.ft. respectively
Microbiology Area (Ground Floor)26.24 sq. mt.
Finished Goods Store Area (Ground Floor & First Floor)130.77 sq. mt.
Raw Material Store Area (Ground Floor & First Floor)210.24 sq. mt.
Packing Material Store Area (Ground Floor & First Floor)595.89 sq. mt.
Change Rooms Area (Ground Floor & First Floor)45.48 sq. mt.

The site has a well-confined Warehouse (area 936.9 sq. mt.), which is connected with the Production block through a covered inter-connected corridor. It has high-rise racks for the storage of raw material and finished products and has a separate dispensing. The packing materials are being stored in separate primary & secondary packing stores.

The site has a Quality Control Laboratory (area 131.32 Sq. mt.) & Microbiological Laboratory (area 26.24 Sq. mt.), adjoining to Production area, at the Ground floor, to test the raw materials, packing materials, in process samples and finishes products, etc.

The site also has a separate utilities/engineering section with boiler, D.G. Sets, Compressed air system, HVAC system, Purified water generation & distribution system, Clean (Pure) steam generator, Dust extraction system etc., for catering for the need of the production sections.

The site has a separate effluent treatment plant for the treatment of composite effluent. Only treated effluent is discharged from the site. The company complies with the requirement of the HP Pollution Control Board/Central Pollution Control Board.

The site also has a separate administration area with Personnel & Administration Department along with Purchase Department, Accounts Department, IT Department and GM Office.