Manufacturing Unit


Nanz Medscience Pharma Pvt. Ltd., a global healthcare company, is a subsidiary of Medscience Canada Inc., a multidimensional company engaged in the manufacturing, Import, Export, trading of Pharmaceutical Formulations, Diagnostics & Specialty Chemicals.
Spearheaded by the Chairman of the Board Mr. L.P. Singh, backed by a strong and experienced management team, Nanz Medscience Possesses a unique blend of Talent, Skills, Science and business acumen to anticipate and respond to its customer.
Nanz Medscience employs cutting edge, computer controlled technology facilitating optimization of production and reduction in human error.
Nanz Medscienceoffer flexible and responsive service, ontime delivery, competitive pricing, efficient technical transfer and inventory coverage.
Expert research staff develops biochemistry, refining formulations until they deliver the optimal blend of active ingredients and performance without toxicity or contra-indication.
In addition, we blend ingredients using an exclusive emulsification process. Nanz Medscience'stopical, antimicrobials offer broad spectrum antimicrobial action encompassing gram-negative, gram-positive bacteria, fungi & yeast.
Throughout our manufacturing process we rigorously adhere to all WHO-cGMP Guidelines concerning the pre-use and in process testing of raw material, finished productand packaging. As part of our uncompromising Quality Control, we continuously test the stability of all our products during stated shelf life.

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