Nugencare Oil for Skin and Hair

Essential oils are plant extracts created by various plant parts. They are highly concentrated and contain the natural compounds that provide each plant with its essence. An essential oil’s properties vary depending on the plant from which it is extracted. These oils are ideal for skin and hair. Those little amber bottles filled with Nugencare oils are powerful and effective when it comes to rejuvenating skin and hair health. Reinvent your skin and hair with the following essential oil by Nugencare.

Nugencare Walnut Oil, infused with Vitamin E helps fight wrinkles and prevents excessive hair loss. This oil promotes hair growth by fighting dandruff and moisturizing skin and scalp.

Nugencare Grape Seed Oil, infused with Vitamin E has greatly benefits the hair & skin. Promotes healthy, youthful skin, improves skin elasticity and repairs skin barrier. It hydrates scalp which prevents dandruff by provides antioxidants & vitamins.

Nugencare Macadamia Oil, infused with Vitamin E is a multiple benefit oil. One oil which helps relieve skin irritation, repairs scar, reduces the appearance of stretch marks, prevents premature wrinkles, heals chapped lips, tames frizzy, dull fly away and regenerates scalp skin. So many great benefits in single oil.

Nugencare Argan Oil is an elixir for your skin and hair. Infused with Vitamin E, it moisturizes & conditions skin & hair, improves scalp health, prevents styling & coloring damage Protects against the UV damage from the sun and helps control hair loss.

Experience the benefits of Nugencare Jojoba Oil for your skin & hair, infused with Vitamin E and loaded with antioxidants improves the skin barrier, soothes dry skin, calms acne breakout and delays the signs of aging. It helps remove makeup, conditions hair, prevents dandruff along with delaying hair greying.

Nugencare Buriti Oil infused with vitamin E, is a rich source of Vitamin A and Beta- carotene. Buriti is called known as The Brazilian ‘Tree of Life’. It improves skin elasticity and protects against sun’s UV rays. This oil boosts hair shine, helps reduce hair breakage and promotes healthy hair growth.

Nugencare Almond Oil hydrates your skin & scalp. It moisturizes skin, lightens scars & marks, reduces under-eye puffiness & dark circles and the appearance of acne. It soothes flaky or itchy scalp and promotes hair growth.

Nugencare Acai Oil is rich in vitamin E, B1, B2, & B6, Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids. Relish the properties to nourish your skin & hair. It helps unclog pores, regenerate skin cells and keeps hair healthy. It provides trace minerals like calcium, potassium & phosphorus.

Nugencare Brazil Nut Oil infused with Vitamin E is your go-to product for healthy skin & hair. It gives skin a healthy glow, improves skin elasticity, prevents premature aging and protects against free radicals. It also helps reduce dandruff and keep hair & scalp healthy.

How to use:
Add a few drops of Nugencare oil on your palm and apply directly to your skin and hair to help clarify the skin and improve hair health respectively. Nugencare essential oils are undoubtedly the best that you will find. In addition, they have beneficial health properties and healing powers, due to their antiseptic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory benefits.