When keeping a hand sanitizer gel handy can pay off!

We are living in a world where everyone is constantly on the go and unbeknownst to us, we might be attacked by harmful germs and bacteria that lurk in unexpected places around us. Since washing hands with soap and water isn’t always feasible, a good alcohol-based Nanz Comfort hand sanitizer gel can come to your rescue in challenging scenarios of Covid-19.

At home:
Ever wondered that a guest or maid visiting your home are often a possible carrier of germs and viruses? How will you prevent the virus from getting into your homes and spreading it around? By simply placing a hand sanitizer gel near the door, you can ensure that every visitor disinfects their hands so you can always keep your homes germ free.

At the office:
There are many possible carriers of germs like shared facilities: conference rooms, restrooms, cafeteria and even elevator buttons. That’s why it’s better to always keep an effective hand sanitizer that can drop the growth of germs almost immediately.

While traveling:
Did you imagine that a cab door handle touched by hundreds of people each day can actually transmit germs on your hands with which you might end up touching your face or eyes? That’s why it’s best to always carry a hand sanitizer gel which can instantly help you disinfect your hands.

At a restaurant:
With businesses and restaurants opening up, you need to be extra cautious of germs that can be transmitted. Using a high-quality hand sanitizer gel with a prolonged effect can go a long way in keeping you away from all contagious infections so you can be protected at all times.

There are some occasions when we can’t leave anything to chance and must be cautious about keeping our selves and those around us clean and protected at all times. A hand sanitizer gel is important to help stop the spread of germs and prevent any illness. Look no further as Nanz Comfort Hand Sanitizer Gel, a perfect way to kill 99.99% germs including bacteria, virus and fungi. It contains aloevera that always leaves your skin feeling gentle and moisturized. With 72.34% alcohol content, the travel friendly hand sanitizer is extremely easy to use by simply applying coin sized drop on the palm and rubbing it well on your hands and fingers.

Our hands come in direct contact with almost a zillion germs every single day, from long travelling hours in public transport to using shared restrooms or visiting a relative/friend in the hospital. Hence, use of an effective tool like the Nanz Comfort Hand Sanitizer Gel is a habit that can keep us all exposed to fewer germs and considerably decrease our chance of illness.